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Charging your External Batteries

Purchase an External Battery Kit for your Stella light and not totally sure how you are supposed to charge it up? We've got you covered! Plug your Smart External Battery Charger into a reliable power source. Locate the arrow on the charger and align

Using the External Battery Kit with your Stella

Never run out of battery power during extended field assignments. Using the External Battery Kits increases the run-time of the Stella 1000 by 122 minutes if using the 28 WHR Battery Kit and 214 minutes for the 49 WHR Battery Kit. The Stella 2000 run

Attaching the Speed Ring Gel Holder

You can use the 3” Speed Ring Gel Holder 82MM to attach your Chimera softbox on to your Stella Pro light! The first step is to attach the 3” speed ring gel holder on to your Chimera softbox speed ring adapter or 3x3” hard gels. To do this you will ju

How to mount the Stella Pro CLx Profoto or Bowens Softbox C-Stand Adaptor

Here are the steps to mount the CLx Profoto or Bowens Softbox C-Stand AdaptorTo attach the Profoto or Bowens Softbox C-Stand adaptor to your CLx series light: 1) Remove the High Leverage Handle, as well as the C-Stand Mount from your CLx series Light

Using the Light & Motion Profoto Adapter with Profoto Softboxes

1. slide on the Profoto Adapter onto the Stella Pro bezel and tighten with the included allen wrench. 2. Ensure that the Profoto Adapter ring is tight on the Stella Pro bezel behind the heat sink. 3. Slide the Stella Pro bezel into the Profoto OCF Sp

Stella Pro Travel Lockout Mode

All StellaPro Lights are equipped with Travel Lockout mode. Travel lock out ensures that the light does not turn on accidentally while the light is stored or is being transported, resulting in damage to the light or the bag or box in which it is stor

Attaching the barn doors to your Stella 1000

To start you will need a Stella 1000 and the Stella 1000 Barn Door Light Modifier. Slide the barn doors over the bezel of the Stella 1000. Once the barn doors are secured on to the bezel you can adjust the doors to get the lighting that you desire.

Charging your Stella lights

Charging the Stella 1000 and 2000 Plug your charger into a reliable power source. For the Stella 1000 and 2000 you will need the External Power Supply 12V 30W   Plug the dongle into the charger Plug the prongs into the gold contacts of your light,

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