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Using the External Battery Kit with your StellaUpdated 2 years ago

Never run out of battery power during extended field assignments. Using the External Battery Kits increases the run-time of the Stella 1000 by 122 minutes if using the 28 WHR Battery Kit and 214 minutes for the 49 WHR Battery Kit. The Stella 2000 run time will be increased by 65 minutes with the 28 WHR Battery Kit and 115 minutes on the 49 WHR Battery Kit (these times are based off of the lights highest setting). The External Battery Kits can be utilized to power the lights as well as recharge the Stella’s internal battery on the go. Here’s how to hook it up:

First make sure you have all the parts; you will need an external battery, light/battery connector cable, dongle, and your Stella 1000 or 2000.

Connect the light/battery connector to the external battery making sure the arrow and the red dot are aligned.

Next you will connect the light/battery connector to the dongle, making sure it is secured.

Insert the dongle prongs into the Stella 1000 or 2000.

Your Stella can now be charged off of this external battery or can be powered on and used for extended run times.


*Please note the Stella Pro Lights cannot be powered through the external batteries.

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