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Stella Pro Travel Lockout ModeUpdated 2 years ago

All StellaPro Lights are equipped with Travel Lockout mode. Travel lock out ensures that the light does not turn on accidentally while the light is stored or is being transported, resulting in damage to the light or the bag or box in which it is stored. All new lights are shipped in travel lock out mode, so it is the first action when starting up your new light.

StellaPro CLx10, CLx8, CL 8000, CL 5000

These lights have a mechanical lock out in the way of the silver switch on top of the light. This ensures that the light is completely shut down and a button cannot be accidentally be pressed to activate the light. To lock out the light, make sure the switch is turned so it is pointing toward the 3 button controls on top of the light and in the "OFF" position:

TRAVEL TIP: If you are shipping the lights, or checking the lights as luggage, we suggest putting a piece of gaffer tap over the knob in the off position to ensure that it doesn't accidentally get turned on by other items in the bag or box.

To turn the light on, turn the switch clockwise to the "ON" position, so the switch is pointed perpendicular to the 3 button controls. At this point the light will be in standby mode and the OLED screen will show you that it is ON. To illuminate the light, tap any of the 3 buttons quickly. The light will turn on at 50% of the light's max output, so make sure it is not pointing at anyone.

To put the light back in standby mode with the light not illuminated, tap the middle button.

2020 MODEL UPDATE: StellaPro CLx10, CLx8, CL 8000, CL 5000

For 2020, we added a digital lock out mode on all models. When you turn the switch following the directions above and the light will not turn on, but instead reads "Locked Out" on the OLED screen, the digital Lock Out is engaged. To disengage the lock out, hold the top and bottom buttons on the 3 button control panel for four (4) seconds until the OLED reads "Unlocked". To re-engage to store the lights, reverse this process before turning the dial to the "OFF" position.

StellaPro Digital Lock Out Video

StellPro 2000 & StellaPro 1000/2500

These will have a Lock icon on the slider switch. While the light is off, hold the switch forward for 5-8 seconds until the dashboard LEDs begin flashing red. Trying to turn the light on after this will result in the lights flashing red but the light not turning on. Repeat this procedure until the lights begin flashing green to unlock the light.

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