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What our warranty means to youUpdated 2 years ago

Here at Light & Motion we take the quality of our products very seriously. What does that mean? Well…

We are consistently testing the products that come off our line here in Marina, CA to ensure that they pass the FL1 Standard (Video Link). Our engineers are working day (and sometimes night) to improve what we manufacture and are pushing the limits of what technology can support.

It also means that we stand behind every single light we make. To put that into action we have developed what we call an Enhanced Experience GuaranteeOur warranty protects the buyer from manufacturing defects for 2 years from the purchase date, but more importantly we are committed to making the customer service experience quick, easy, and personable. Our staff is highly knowledgeable and will offer as many options and recommendations necessary to find the best solution for any issue.

Why does a dealer need to be "Authorized"? An Authorized Dealer is a dealer that has signed a dealer agreement with us. They have committed to support our products and customers. A seller that is not authorized could be selling product that is not working, purchased illegally, and/or the battery has expired. These sellers generally do not have our customer's best interest in mind. Please make sure to not purchase your light from an unauthorized dealer - Click her for some signs of illegal selling. 

And when your light is no longer under warranty?  We charge a nominal price for repairs and if we can’t repair it we will offer you a discount to upgrade to a current product.

How long will a repair take? When you send us your product to be repaired our goal is to unpack it, fix it and ship it out again within 5 days. During peak season times it may take up to 15 days.  If you have an event or a trip coming up please communicate that to us and we will do what we can to get it out sooner.  Also, be sure to ship the package with a carrier that can provide tracking and insurance. Light & Motion cannot replace packages lost during return shipment if proof of tracking is unavailable.

Why do you want my warrantied light back?  One of our goals here at Light & Motion is to reduce our carbon footprint and we strongly believe in responsible recycling.  When you send your light back to us we will disassemble and recycle the lithium ion battery and electronics responsibly.  Our engineers and quality control team also like to get their hands any lights that have warranty issues to improve the products. For those cases when a light has not seen much use we can salvage parts to create factory seconds that are used to support events both domestically and internationally!

To submit a warranty claim or repair request please open a Service Ticket.



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