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Stella is not charging - Cleaning the contactsUpdated 2 years ago

If you decide to take your Stella lights on an underwater journey be aware that the charging contacts will be vulnerable to corrosion. This is normal when there is a lot of salt exposure and the light is not getting a thorough clean after each dive. To ensure a long and healthy life-span of your Stella light, it is best to thoroughly rinse the light off with fresh water after each dive.

What is the best way to dry off my Stella?

After you have rinsed thoroughly, it is also very helpful to dry the light off since the residual water droplets can lurk inside the small spaces of the charge contacts and cause corrosion. You can use a towel to dry off the light or even using some compressed air is another great way to ensure your contacts are dry.

What do you do when corrosion starts to build?

To keep your Stella looking nice and pretty and to prevent any excess corrosion that may hinder the charging of your light be sure to rinse it off with some fresh water after each dive. As mentioned a little bit of corrosion over time is normal, and we’ve got a fix for that!

How to remove contact corrosion…

You can make your own cleaning solution by mixing a few drops of 25% vinegar & 75% water. With a small amount of this mixture and a small piece of fine steel wool, you can gently remove corrosion and get these charging contacts shining that new! Start by grabbing some of that steel wool and rolling it between your fingers so it forms a small point.

Insert that point into the corroded contacts and press twist to loosen up any salt corrosion.

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