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How do I update my StellaPro Reflex Unit?Updated a year ago

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Reflex Update Video --> Stella Pro Imaging Control
Reflex Update:
Prerequisite: Make sure Bluetooth is enabled (turned on) on your phone
Step 1: Download the StellaPro Imaging app from the Google Play or Apple App store
Step 2: Locate the Reflex Serial Number on the Fan head near the heatsink or outside of your box
Step 3: With your Reflex unit powered on, press the Reflex Dial for 2 seconds to enter the Menu
Step 4: Set your wireless mode to B (Bluetooth)
Step 5; Press the Reflex Dial for 2 seconds to set the mode and exit the menu
Step 6: Enter the serial number on the StellaPro app on your phone and scan for devices/updates

if you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to reach out your Customer Success here at Stella Pro!
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