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How do I setup a Profoto TriggerUpdated a year ago

Setup Profoto Wireless Triggers

Enter the Reflex menu and set the wireless mode to, P, which stands for Profoto. 

Make sure that you set the channel on the Reflex to match the channel on your Profoto Transmitter. To change the channel on the Profoto transmitter, press the Channel button until the channel in the bottom right is highlighted.

You can turn a group on or off by selecting the group using the A, B, or C buttons on the Profoto Air Remote. Set the active groups to manual mode (on the upper right of the Profoto transmitter) as the Reflex does not implement Through-The-Lens.

The Profoto Air Remote Transmitter natively allows you to enter HSS, so if your camera is not going into HSS, consult your camera's user’s manual to find out how to put it into HSS or Auto FP mode. You can turn the continuous light on/off by pressing the MODEL button. To control the continuous light, press the ENERGY button +/- to increase or decrease the light output. To control the Digital Burst output, again press the ENERGY button +/- to increase or decrease the light output, corresponding to maximum and minimum power respectively. Now your Profoto Air Remote transmitter is set up to control the StellaPro Reflex. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks for your StellaPro lights.

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