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How do I setup a Elinchrom TriggerUpdated a year ago

Setup Elinchrom Wireless Trigger

Make sure that your Reflex is powered on and set to wireless mode, E, which stands for Elinchrom. 

Make sure that you set the channel on the Reflex to match the frequency on the Elinchrom Transmitter. 

If you would like, you can also set the group of your Reflex, this will allow you to control the output of lights in a specific group which can be convenient for setups with multiple lights.

 Next you will need to set the transmitter to manual mode, this is when the transmitter says TTL on the bottom left of the display. You will also want to set the light to Power mode, this is when the third button from the left displays Mod. Now your Reflex and Elinchrom Transmitters are set up. In the next video I will be covering how to control the Reflex using the Elinchrom transmitter.

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