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Battery Care Tips - StellaUpdated 2 years ago

Li-Ion batteries are used in all current Light & Motion dive lights. Here are some helpful tips to keep you happy and your light healthy:

1) Out of the box, always fully charge your system before its first use. Systems are shipped only partially charged and must be fully charged to achieve proper run time. Most lights require a break-in period of a couple uses and charges to accurately calibrate the run-time indicator.

2) Charge before use if you haven't charged it in the last few days or weeks. Li-Ion batteries will slowly lose their charge over time. If you're ever feeling like your run-time (burn-time) was low, think back to when you charged it last. If it was recent enough, try a run-time test to verify the condition of your battery. Fully charge the light, then turn it onto its highest setting to quicken the process. Using a stopwatch of some kind you'll be able to determine the actual run-time.

3) Charging while the light is in use: All Stella products can be charged while in use. But it is very important that the product has at least a 50% charge before being plugged in. If below 50% the battery will have to work much harder, creating more battery heat that will eventually result in lower run-times if consistently used in this manner.

4) Give the light a full charge before storing it long-term. If the light sits unused for more than 12 weeks, there is a high probability the battery will enter a hibernation state, not allowing you to both charge or turn on the light. It is recommended to pull the light from storage every 8-12 weeks and top off the charge to prevent battery hibernation. This will not only improve the longevity of the battery, but it also prevents any surprises if the light fails to turn on when you're on the first dive drip of the season.

Use this link if you think your Stella battery may be in hibernation. It will guide you through the steps to "wake" it back up. Stella and Sola (dive) are similar products and many times the troubleshooting is the same. The link below has "Sola" listed as the product so don't worry, its not a mistake!

5) Check in with your light at least 4 weeks prior to any trip. Is the battery charging? Do all the functions and settings work properly? If not, this gives you plenty of time to contact out customer support team and resolve the issue.

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